Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Design tips and tricks from Mindsparkz

At Mindsparkz we were recently required to demonstrate a world map in a variety of styles and colours. To do this we created a world map vector on Adobe illustrator. Using AI vectors are an efficient way to reuse and edit an image to show a variety of styles and colours without having to redraw and re-colour the same image over again.
For this project in particular, we traced around a map of the world in Adobe Illustrator to outline of each country. In doing so each country on the map can be selected individually. 

With a list of countries that had to be visually separated on the map, we selected each country from list (guided by Google maps of course), held down the shift key and filled those countries with different colours, beginning with the colour red. 

This was then repeated until the listed countries where visually separated by three different colours on the map red, yellow and green.

Using AI vectors are a great way to reuse images that you have created for one project and re-inventing them for another. Using one vector of the world map, can be easily edited and shown with many different colour varieties and styles to suit all of our clients. This is also a great way for international companies to demonstrate to customers or potential customers where in the world their services are available. 

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