Creating New Products this Christmas

Christmas is coming! This season is filled with love, joy and most importantly, gifts! During this period of time, our designers begin designing new products that are innovative and have high practicality. Today, we would like to share this Ox holder that is extremely adorable and would definitely have a great purpose. 

Here is the long awaited Ox Holder. As shown in this image, the holder can to hold water bottles like these. Besides water bottles, you can also customize these holders to hold products that you wish. Moreover, these designs can also be customized and designed accordingly to your product. You can check out this blog to find out more about the 7 steps of the design process and some design industry insights shared by our own designers. This was also designed by our very own designer. Let us share the process of how this product was designed. 
If you were wondering who this cute character is, this is Oscar, the Golden Ox! Oscar is an Ox that The ODM Group has rolled out for our annual socks project for the year of 2021. You can read this blog to find out about the Ox Socks that you can roll out for your promotional campaign. This awesome Ox was also designed by our very own in house team of designers in Mindsparkz. Our designer began this project by using a Highland Ox as a character design reference.

Next, he had to come up with a 3-Dimensional (3D) design of the Ox figure. This 3-dimensional image allows for better visualization of the product. 

Now, we come to a long-awaited moment! How are these products produced? Here are the 6 steps involved in producing this product that lands in the hands of our clients. 

7 Steps for Production

Step 1: Creating a mold with that custom shape
Step 2: Injecting plastic into the mold
Step 3: Cooling down and taking it out of the mold
Step 4: Applying colors
Step 5: QC
Step 6: Packaging

These are some steps that are often used in the production of different promotional products. 

If you are interested in creating innovative new products like these, why don't you contact Mindsparkz? Mindsparkz is a design agency founded in 2013 and they provide a variety of services that could assist you in making your designs come true. From graphic design to web design to even product design, you can rely on Mindsparkz for any design project. Contact us today!