Product Design Brainstorm

Mindsparkz brainstorms ideas on a daily basis. The process changes from brief to brief, but generally starts with research into a brand's history, marketing style, past promotions, and competition. We then meet up and toss around our thoughts and ideas. From here we refine concepts and task out the different designs to our team

Mindsparkz Brainstorm In Action - June 2015
If it's a niche market or a broad range, we have ideas that will help you sell! With a team of product designers, promo merchandisers, and crack sales representatives, we have years of collective knowledge in the industry. With our product brainstorming package, you do too. The final output is a fully rendered presentation (branded to your company) of ideas that are best suited to your client and their market.

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What makes a Mindsparkz Product Brainstorm so unique?

  • We take into consideration everything about a project:required quantities, budget, theme, target audiences and more. 
  • Mindsparkz brainstorms are tailored to you. We design products with your branding as well as tweaking the design to make it unique to you! We regularly create a custom product specifically for you and present it in a personal hand sketched fashion.
  • We have an extensive knowledge about materials and manufacturing and can suggest new ways to make even the most standard items amazing for your promotional campaign.
  • We don't just suggest products. We go the full nine yards: products, packaging, materials, POS displays, graphic design, web. You name it.. we can do it.

 It all starts with an idea. Check out our promotional products blog at The ODM Group to get your ideas flowing.

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Lili's perfect book nook

Our increasingly hectic lifestyles mean even the keenest bibliophiles are often forced to ration their reading. What many people need is a space dedicated to their books, which are ready and waiting to be picked up and read whenever the opportunity arises. LiliLite may just fulfill those requirements.

Billed as "the ultimate bedside lamp for readers," LiliLite combines a shelf, a lamp, and a bookmark in one cleverly designed unit. LiliLite is, first and foremost, a bookshelf, but its Z-shaped design adds two extra functions.

A small selection of your books (weighing up to 5 kg/11 lb) sit diagonally on the shelf, with the one you're actually reading sitting open across the second peak. This means LiliLite acts as a physical bookmark, keeping your place until you're ready to sit down and read once again. A lamp sits under your current book, providing a light source for your reading. A built-in sensor means this lamp is switched on when you remove the book from the shelf, switching off again when it's returned. A manual switch can be used to override this function.