Product Specification Sheets: Your Secret Weapon When Manufacturing In China

When developing and manufacturing products in China, it is key to educate yourself about the production process. The more you know, the better positioned you are. Understanding the process enables you to make savvy, cost-efficient decisions and always stay on top of new developments relating to your product.

A production specification sheet is of key importance when producing a product in China. These put the control into your hands and ensures that quality procedures are put into place. The result is consistently high-quality products, setting your business up for success.

What is a specification sheet?

A product specification sheet is a concise document, usually one or two pages, with key information relating to your product. Having all the necessary facts in an easy to read format keeps things simple and organized across the design and production process.

There is no singular format for a product spec sheet. Instead, these relate closely to the type of product you are producing. For example, technology requires a far more comprehensive spec sheet than a plush toy would. The key requirement of a specification sheet is that it includes all important information which relates to the production of an item.

How to create a practical and effective spec sheet:

  • Consider including features, benefits, potential accessories, dimensions, weight, technical specifications, safety or licensing requirements, and diagrams. 

  • Explaining parameters for potential defects safeguards your brand in the event of these. For example, if you are producing a plush toy, one would write that ’tears in fabric’ and ‘permanent marks’ are defects. 

  • Employ the services of a trusted translator to interpret your spec sheet into Chinese. This limits the potential for costly misunderstanding which can cause production delays.

  • Phrasing should be written in clear, plain English. Always use active sentences. Avoid generic descriptive words - exact specifications and expectations will serve you better.

  • Are there any health and safety standards or shipping guidelines which would be useful to include.

  • Pantone is the industry standard for color specifications, make sure that you use this.

  • Writing measurable goals makes sure that your team and the manufacturers are accountable.

  • Images like diagrams, sketches or renderings convey a lot of information and can increase understanding.

  • Request feedback from your team. Running a spec sheet past people of varying backgrounds results in expert advice on whether or not what you have written is feasible. 

In summary, giving a spec sheet to factories circumvents mistakes which often arise from misunderstanding or poor communication. Without this document, factories may take certain liberties to cut costs or use materials of their choosing. With a product specification sheet, there is no excuse for things not to go the way you have detailed. 

Detail is a key word here. This document is not just a summary, it’s a comprehensive outline everything you can think of to define a product. Ultimately, this will enable a better final result.  

Packaging Sells

There's no questioning the indisputable fact that if there are two products side by side in a shop, the one that looks more appealing is going to be picked off the shelf, even if the second product was better. So, let's talk about how good packaging sells products.

A design that captures the natural beauty of the Chinese landscape

There are principles to design in general to differentiate the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, though when it comes to low price products those principles seem to be chucked out the window and then run over for good measure. It doesn't help when different regions across the globe seem to relate to one aesthetic style more than another; for example, in Europe at the moment, minimalism and clean design seems to be a key focus on the majority of work, whereas in the majority of Asia it's all about grabbing attention before your neighbour does, creating loud styles that are quite different to those of Europe. Of course there is a bit more variety than these two different styles, including sub-styles that specify more on certain elements than others.

Cube Sugar Packaging with a nifty extendable box
And aesthetic isn't the only avenue that you've got to go down; the design of the packaging as a product itself, is just as important as the look, and the packaging above made for sugar cubes has done this incredibly well by allowing the consumer increase the size of the box once at home to allow for easy access to a single cube instead of a half dozen. It's simple tricks like this that innovate packaging and allow for continued development by companies to find the perfect packaging for their product.

Now lets take a glance at what bad packaging looks like; maybe one of the most complained pieces of packaging across the globe is that of scissors, which require scissors to open. This destroys the fundamental idea of buying the scissors in the first place and also makes a lot of fuss out of something that should take a couple of seconds to open and instead takes minutes, longer if you don't have a sharp utensil to help with the process.

The ever-annoying scissor packaging that plagues humanity
From a simple pair of scissors to the more extravagant (and expensive) iPhone, it's clear to see that packaging plays an incredibly important role. People are going to be paying for those scissors that can be easily opened compared to the ones pictured above with cause years of surpassed rage to surface. So if you're designing packaging for a product, don't be the Scissor packaging, be the Cube Sugar packaging.

Innovation in China: The Apple of Drones

China has been doing pretty well over the last few decades, with the economic reform in the late 70s bringing about what is know as the Chinese Economic Miracle, but it seems that time is coming to pass very soon. It seems that there may be a saviour though, the first company in China - focusing on innovation - to dominate a new and hot market, and they're making drones.
DJI's Phantom 3, with some excellent tech for video capture
DJI, or Da-Jiang Innovations, has become one of the coolest companies ever just for the fact they make RC Drones, but they are also a monolith in the industry with over 70% of the industry, measuring in at around $8 million, belonging to them. No wonder they're being called the "Apple of Drone".

It's probably due to the fundamental truth that China is an industrial giant, manufacturing products day after day at an incredibly fast pace, that has allowed DJI to flourish; without quick turn-around from the factories in Shenzhen, and such short distances between their headquarters and the factories themselves, the process or designing and producing new iterations of products would take a substantial amount more time.

It's amazing that over just 3 years the CEO of DJI went from student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, to starting a company from his dorm, and then moving to Shenzhen. Wang is now worth $3.6 million, according to Forbes.

Controlled by phone and remote, it can hover with incredible ease with and without GPS connection
DJI is pushing boundaries, reaching into new areas before competitors reach where DJI just were, allowing them to gain ground pretty fast and creating some really neat tech to help with search & rescue, surveillance, science, and agriculture; with the help of their development kit, it has been used for some nifty stuff, such as the 'SnotBot' that helped with the research of blowholes of blue whales, and some more questionable as well, like the 'KillerBot' which was equipped with chainsaws by farmers and used to decapitate snowmen.

It's safe to say that these guys at DJI are going to continue doing what they do best and creating some amazing technology for us to all enjoy, but will this perhaps push other people within China to endeavour into the world of innovation to help keep their economic boat afloat?

The future of Washing Machines - Hanger Washer

The Hanger washer is an innovative washing machine that could pave the way to a new and more efficient future for single households owners around the world.

Designed by talented Wonkyung Jang. This is the wall mounted washing machine for a one person household which has enough space efficiency for your laundry and hanging. There is a hanger on the bottom part for you to hang your laundry without having to carry your laundry from the washer to a drying rack or clothes line. The washer redirects the heat from the motor over the hanger, for a quicker drying time.

The Samsung Hanger WM's powerful air blower has multiple benefits, by using the hot air hanger you will not have to iron your clothes afterwards as using the hanger decreases your clothes. You also have the option to add fragrance to the hot air (lemon, jasmine,lavender), so that your clothes don't just look fresh, but they smell fresh too.

Not only does the washer do a great job at cleaning your clothes but it utalizes the heat that would usually be wasted and directs it in practical way.

"We can save energy by means of circulating the remaining energy in a natural way"

For the modern world that is constantly looking for ways to recycle materials as well as energy, this is definitely one of the products thats taking a step in the right direction.  

Here at Mindsparkz we really believe in Wonkyung Jangs Washer Hanger. We too are also constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry, so if you want to construct unique and ingenious products, why not send us an email at or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations. 

Stackable Speakers - The more you stack, the louder it gets

This innovative speaker requires physical interaction to control the volume, the 'Stack' speaker needs tactical contact, eliminating the needs for buttons and switches. The designer of the stackable speakers Rowan Jackman was motivated to create an unconventional speaker that doesn't need traditional buttons and switches. 

The speakers have integrated force sensor resistors, as the user starts to stack the weighted forms the speaker turns on, and as you stack each additional piece the volume also increases. The weights have been casted in identical mass to insure a consistent volume increase. The cohesive form of the pieces are visual representations of audible sound getting louder when they are stacked, and the opposite when pieces are removed.    

The speakers have been delicately created with a laser cut piece of white ash wood that allows for great quality sound. 

"Stack encourages a real interaction and a hugely visual and tactile system of control. Playfulness and an emotion of surprise is achieved which sets Stack apart from the other options."

Here at Mindsparkz we are constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry, so if you want to construct unique and ingenious products, why not send us an email at or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations. 

The Innovative Camping Cup

This Upright Cupright camping cup was created by Wang Jiaxin and has been designed in such a way that it can stand on any outdoor terrain when full. When the cup is placed on any soft or uneven surface, the ball bearings inside will roll across the base of the cup to provide a relatively flat and stable surface.


Camping is an outdoor activity of recreation but the ground is usually uneven at the camping sites, thats why there is a great need for a camping cup that can stand on pretty much any outdoor terrain. Wang Jiaxin has designed such a cup that has been created to self adjust to its environment, enabling the cup to stay vertical without having to adjust it constantly.

The solution for this camping inconvenience is provided by the distribution of the mini ball bearings at the base of the cup. When the cup is placed on an uneven or soft surface, the ball bearings will naturally redistribute across the base of the cup to provide a relatively flat and stable surface. This simple but ingenious product is a must have gadget for your camping trips, making things that much easier in life.

This Upright Cupright is a really creative and unique conceptual product, it even got an honourable mention from Red Dot
Here at Mindsparkz we are constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry, so if you want to construct unique and ingenious products, why not send us an email at or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations. 

Rambler Socket - The recoiling wall socket

Designer Meysam Movahedi has created a concept of the extension cord that you're looking for, It's the 1.5 meters long cord that unravels from a hidden cavity behind it's socket. When you need the extension, simply pinch the sides and wind it out.  

Once you are finished with using the extension, the socket has a built in recoiling system, gently give the cord a little tug to activate the spring mechanism, and it will recoil back into place. It's perfect for using with electronics like, vacuum cleaners, hair driers etc any item where you don't need an extension cord on a permanent basis. 

Here at Mindsparkz we are constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry like Meysam Movahedi has with his Rambler Socketso if you want to construct unique and ingenious products, why not send us an email at or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations.