Monday, October 19, 2020

How technical drawing benefits your production?

What is a technical drawing? 

A technical drawing is also known as an engineering drawing. The purpose of technical drawings is so that a detailed and precise plan is created to convey information. It is usually used to communicate direction and specifics to the group of people who will be manufacturing the product and to explain the product's function. Technical drawings usually become more detailed and complete as the project progresses. It includes sketches, detail drawings, general arrangement drawings and many more. Information required in such technical drawings include dimensions, title blocks, notations, symbols. 

Technical drawings can consist of two-dimensional, three-dimensional or exploded projections. They may be drawn to scale by hand or by Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software such as AutoCAD or Solidworks. The scale at which drawings are prepared should reflect the level of detail of information they are required to convey. 

How does it benefit production? 

Technical drawings benefit production in many different ways. Here are some benefits of having technical drawings


Technical drawings provide precision. Hence, CAD is becoming extremely popular within the field to improve the speed and accuracy needed by businesses today. This is due to the large amount of information which is provided with the amount of preparatory work taken for a technical drawing. Before the final drawing is approved, site visits and meetings need to be complete, design discussions with those involved at the cutting edge and draft approvals are required. 

Attention to detail 

With the design being a prominent figure in the final step in manufacturing, it is vital that product specifications are spelled out so that there is no ambiguity. Technical drawings provide detailed information, with many factors explored and worked over. This is to ensure that the final drawing is perfect to it's finest detail.  

Reduced Costs of Production

With the above 2 benefits, it brings about a reduced cost of production. As the saying goes, time is money. With a detailed drawing with all information necessary, it eliminates questions and reduces production delays. This allows for the production team to plan and execute the manufacturing process more easily. Moreover, an accurate drawing reduces the probability of the product being manufactured incorrectly. Such a malfunction could lead to quality issues down the line which could possibly lead to unsatisfied customers. 

Technical drawings are required documents for making moulds, prototyping product, sampling & mass production and many more. It will also be a final document for mould developing, comparing final product, and quality checks on products. 

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