Friday, November 1, 2013

How Thomas Heatherwick uses materials to his advantage

Heatherwick is an English designer that caught my attention with his new designs for the London bus. After visiting an exhibition of his I became particularly interested in his work.  He designed the London Olympic cauldron and the Uk Pavillion building in Shanghai.  Heatherwick uses some really interesting forms and shapes in his work but what strikes me the most about him is his use and knowledge of materials.
Thomas Heatherwick is an inspirational designer who is able to create amazing buildings, furniture, and even handbags.

Heatherwick set up the heatherwick studio in 1994 which is known for its enthusiasm for materials, texture and prototyping to create really elegant and stunning forms.

Take, for example, Thomas Heatherwick’s crazy extruded aluminium seats. These seats were designed purposefully to have these distorted edges. This defect naturally comes from the metal extrusion process.        

I really admire Heatherwick because he pushes manufacturing process to the limits. He has the unusual talent of being able to know his manufacturing processes so well that he is able to create such beautiful architecture and designs that are functional as well as aesthetically interesting

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