Saturday, February 8, 2014

Big things come in small packages, when it comes to product design this can most certainly be the case!

They say big things come in small packages, and when it comes to product design, this can most certainly be the case! I was recently browsing through the design directory on Kickstarter and came across one recent project which really caught my attention.  The product is called Coburns and is a miniature, twin-piece ipad/tablet support stand.

So why exactly did it catch my attention? The pure small-scale size is one of the first aspects of the Coburns which caught my attention. The twin-block pieces are around 2.5cm in length x 1cm thickness. You are now probably thinking “how can such a small product support such a big device?” this is the remarkable thing. Due to the specific cut out slots for the device and the specific material selection of solid wood , the device is supported fully. 

But so what? 2 blocks which can hold your device up, allowing you to view your screen on an angle? This is where the miniature wooden blocks show their full capability. Due to the pin-point precision cuts, the blocks can be lowered and raised along the edge of the ipad/tablet allowing a broad range of viewing angles. This can be achieved portrait or landscape ,depending on the users’ preference.  

In terms of aesthetics, the Coburns deliver a really nice visual appearance or natural and organic wood tones ( light and dark). This keeps the product looking smart and sleek and visually acceptable with the use of all tablets. The wood also contrasts really well with the fabric wool clasp.

Another nice feature about the Coburns is it’s attachment mechanism when transporting/packing away the product when not in use. The two blocks can be attached via 2 magnetic connecting plates, allowing a simple snap fit. The magnetic plates have been chosen particularly with the consideration of the touch screen, meaning no interference will be present when the product is in use.

The Coburns have been manufactured with precision using the finest maple wood. Due the simple initial shape, multiple pieces can be made at once. This can be a very good concept to consider  when designing such items as you do not want to be opening multiple molds for lots of little parts. The edges of the Coburns were involved CNC machining to ensure smooth finishes to prevent scratches on the ipad/tablet from sharp edges.

So overall we can take into account that big things really do come in such small packages with this miniature but fully functional ipad/tablet holder/stand.

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