Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mindsparkz moves office!


Packing up the old Mindsparkz Den

We Have moved!

Mindsparkz have packed up and moved to a better office! From an office block by the sea we have packed our boxes and moved further into the heart of Zhuhai for a large open plan office space about 7 times bigger than our old office 

Old Office space to new Office space

Having packed up all our pantone guides, shifted our mindsparkz designed desks and moved our favourite coffee mugs we are finally settled in our new gigantic office.

Having a larger space means more room for brainstorming, groupwork and sketching. We finally have more room to arrange our numerous amounts of colored pencils and sketchpads

The process of moving all our office furniture, our computers and all our samples was difficult. With the help of some mover men who were able to balance  our massive desks on their backs and do the heavy lifting we were moved in and settled with the internet up and running in several hours. (Dont worry - we packed up our little fishes too for the new office)

We now have the luxury of having meeting rooms, more storerooms, a kitchen, and two outdoor patio areas. Soon we will have offices and a large design area where we can really get our ideas going.

When summer comes round our open plan office will be looking great with the open patio areas
We now even have our own western toilet!
Our new space 

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