Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chinese Furniture Design

Furniture design isn't really something that comes to mind when you mention China; this would be the opposite case for Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. China does however, have a bright future in the design of furniture.

Some things I've come to see about their furniture, is that it's all made of wood. From small tables to enormous half redwood table tops, they all share that 'wood is good' ideal. The idea that if you are making a piece of furniture from 'fresh' or 'real' wood, then you're either buying a quality product or you are wealthy enough to purchase said items. This fits into the whole Chinese respect topic; that if you are respected, then you are happy. Even if you aren't particularly materialistic, you will be judged against your possessions. You can't avoid it, China isn't one to change its values quickly.

You've seen it on their clothing, their cars, most of their shoes; Chinese fashion design in particular strives for the 'over' decorated. The contrasting colours and extravagance flaunts wealth.
Of course this is from a western view, for all I know this post could be praising Chinese design from an eastern perspective. All I know is that aiming to be a designer in China requires a much more open mind than previously thought.

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