Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mother Nature Tries Her Hand At Modern Design

Having safely landed in the mid 2010’s, modern design is moving back away from metals and metallics seen in the previous decade and is beginning to refocus on natural forms once again. As seen in fashion in recent years, oriental floral and natural shapes are blossoming more than ever right now, as are materials such as leather or even wood. 

 Introducing ‘Branch Lamps’!

Any branch can dream to become a lamp, but like todays social system, the more unique and interesting you are, the more you appeal. Create any funky, modern or outrageous lamp you want and make all the other branches jealous.

Completely unique shapes every time, these lamps give a room any modern, lighter feel.  With the bare minimum of materials these lamps increase the look of space as well as bring those ever popular natural shapes, textures and materials into your home.  An infinite amount of possibilities of design, all from the humble branch.

Thanks Mother Nature! You’re the best!

(Please branch responsibly)

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