Friday, October 10, 2014

China, loving their porcelain..

One thing I really noticed in China is the beautiful sinks. In luxury homes, bars and restaurants it is most likely that there will be a very nice designed sink. The sinks are designed in a different and unique way. The big difference between the sinks back in the West and the sinks here in China is that the sinks often rest on the bathroom furniture or kitchen cabinet rather than being incorporated into the furniture. Most of the time the sinks are bowl shaped and the taps are very beautiful and uniquely shaped.                                                                        

My favorites are the faucets’ glass circles that ensure that the water comes from the tap in a graceful way. Also it is very often the Chinese taps give a waterfall effect to the water.

The sinks we are used to back in the west are most of the time very casual, as opposed to the wilder shapes here. Here in China every time I come in a new bathroom or kitchen, the beautiful sinks get me excited.

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