Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Old school design is cool school design

As a Chinese national I fully understand the ideation that Chinese people like relationships and being together. This is replicated within our furniture too. Like a loving couple, the Mortise and Tenon joint hugs forming an immensely strong joint. The technique has been used for hundreds of years but unfortunately the has suffered greatly when mass production methods came along but it is still going strong in today’s handmade modern furniture.  

Through the years many adaptations have came along, redesigning and improving the traditional join. Some ‘newer’ joint takes the same idea but allow it to be portrayed on the outside of the joint. For example the dovetail joint adds a large amount of detail and class to the furniture without compromising the strength.

Because the joint designs have evolved over the years it mean that they are becoming popular again and that mass production is taking a back seat as more and more people are wanting quality, beautiful pieces for their homes.

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