Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Packaging with a BANG

Ask anyone what a China is well known for they will always say firecrackers or fireworks. It is well know China produces fireworks by the millions from small firecrackers to larger city display sized ones.

Focussing on the small firecrackers, one of the main appeals of them is that they are beautifully packaged and designed. For something that will explode in a matter of seconds they put a serious amount of effort into it.

Typically always red the packaging always has important, meaning full themes. It is sometimes even possible for a family to have their own packaged fireworks with their moto, or name to celebrate their family or to remember loved ones.

They have become a statement of traditional china. As packaging inspiration they are a great place to start if you want to create a statement product. 

Creating you perfect packaging can be difficult as its mostly based on opinions. Some customers may not like what others like, however this may work to your advantage. Over in the west they have a food stuff called Marmite. Their slogan is 'you either love it or hate it because it has a very controversial taste. They apply this slogan to their packaging also. Using grotesque and obnoxious colourings to get your attention.

All in all it's pretty clear that sometimes, to make your product packaging stand out, sometimes you have to be brave and loud. Whether it be a bold red colour or something that people hate so much its popular. 

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