Tuesday, December 16, 2014


China is the biggest exporter of Christmas decoration and related products and because of this and the ever updating technology bringing us all closer, 'Chinese Christmas' has become a theme and is becoming more popular every year.

In December, Christmas decorations can be found all over in China, with large trees in shopping plazas, hotels and in other public places. Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, decorated shop windows, tinsel and reminders of Christmas can be found everywhere in the city. 

Although not they don't fully decorate for Christmas like the west does, many Chinese Christians buy Christmas trees, sometimes referred to as the “tree of light”.  Their traditional values are seen throughout their decoration as Chinese homes are decorated with evergreens and the “tree of light” with ornaments representative of Chinese culture, such as colourful paper chains, lucky cookies, Buddha’s.

It's nice that the world is becoming every closer and sharing values, but it's a;so nice to see a bit of stubborn when it comes to traditional design. Who knows maybe Chinese Christmas may influence the western Christmas just as much as. 

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