Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packaging

Consumer demands are growing, and therefore the initial functions of packaging such as protecting and preserving the product are no longer enough. Nowadays it has to offer additional value to help distinguish the product from the rivals offerings. Being one of the most essential parts of consumer’s first impression of the product it can enhance the experience of using the product considerably.
Let's have a look at the major trends in the smart packaging below:


Ease of use is one of the key features that drives innovation, especially in the food industry. Portability, easy open and dispose, mess-free are noteworthy benefits that improve the quality of the product. 

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packaging
South Korean industrial designer Yeongkeun Jeong came up with "Butter! Better!" concept, which is based on the idea of creating the package for easy single-serving. Disposable packaging balances convenience and neatness that is perfect for consumption-on-the-go.

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packaging
Seedspoon adds an extra information function to the packaging with notes of how to plant the seed and take care of them. It's a remarkable example of designing the product based on consumer’s needs and usage, combining 3 products in 1 a seed package, lightweight wooden shovel, and gardening label. 


These days consumers are becoming increasingly more conscious of global environmental issues and this affects their buying habits accordingly. Ecological sustainability is no longer optional for the packaging as consumers are actively looking for businesses who are "going green", and offer Eco-conscious production.

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packaging
This packaging, designed by Guo Lili for Trift toothpaste allows to use the product completely and prevents the waste of the remaining toothpaste. Consequentially it leads to waste minimization and promotes ethical consumption.

Added value to the business

Packaging can be used as an effective means of communication to point out the essence of the product and brand offering through its shape and function. Innovative design can effectively increase brand awareness, differentiate the product and provide brand identification. The pack might be used to enhance the value consumers place on the product and help to reinforce the branding.

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packaging
Thelma's Treats use this simple yet effective packaging to communicate that their homemade cookies are "made fresh and delivered warm right out of the oven".

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packaging
This fitting packaging was designed by Alex Creamer for spaghetti brand called NYC, that was supposed to represent one of the city's most iconic building.

There is a need for a brand to keep up with the changing needs of consumers and reflect this in the productConsumer-oriented and creative packaging is powerful to draw customer’s attention to the product and even serve as a competitive advantage. But it is only one of the many ways in which brands can create a sharp increase in market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

As you can see there is always room for improvement for something that already exists. You just have to think outside the box. Do you have any creative packaging ideas ?

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