Friday, July 15, 2016

Packaging Sells

There's no questioning the indisputable fact that if there are two products side by side in a shop, the one that looks more appealing is going to be picked off the shelf, even if the second product was better. So, let's talk about how good packaging sells products.

There are principles to design in general to differentiate the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, though when it comes to low price products those principles seem to be chucked out the window and then run over for good measure. It doesn't help when different regions across the globe seem to relate to one aesthetic style more than another; for example, in Europe at the moment, minimalism and clean design seems to be a key focus on the majority of work, whereas in the majority of Asia it's all about grabbing attention before your neighbour does, creating loud styles that are quite different to those of Europe. Of course there is a bit more variety than these two different styles, including sub-styles that specify more on certain elements than others.

And aesthetic isn't the only avenue that you've got to go down; the design of the packaging as a product itself, is just as important as the look, and the packaging above made for sugar cubes has done this incredibly well by allowing the consumer increase the size of the box once at home to allow for easy access to a single cube instead of a half dozen. It's simple tricks like this that innovate packaging and allow for continued development by companies to find the perfect packaging for their product.

Now lets take a glance at what bad packaging looks like; maybe one of the most complained pieces of packaging across the globe is that of scissors, which require scissors to open. This destroys the fundamental idea of buying the scissors in the first place and also makes a lot of fuss out of something that should take a couple of seconds to open and instead takes minutes, longer if you don't have a sharp utensil to help with the process.

From a simple pair of scissors to the more extravagant (and expensive) iPhone, it's clear to see that packaging plays an incredibly important role. People are going to be paying for those scissors that can be easily opened compared to the ones pictured above with cause years of surpassed rage to surface. So if you're designing packaging for a product, don't be the Scissor packaging, be the Cube Sugar packaging.

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