Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Minimal Pop-up Card Corner Lamp

As keen designers at MindSparkz, keeping up with the latest and greatest products and new designs is a part of the daily routine and today one product that caught my attention was the Folding Card Corner Lamp.
Paper pop-out lamp sticks to the wall
Made purely from card, providing simple assembly and whilst looking striking when mounted on a wall, this product perfectly combines aesthetic and functional values. The product works by simply popping out the lamp’s body from the outer frame, due to a number of score lines and cuts in the card. Because of the specific cuts, the shape of the lamp is automatically formed.

What I really like about this product is that way in which it has been manufactured, allowing the product to be made at a very low cost whilst maintaining class and an ‘up-market’ appearance. Plus being a 2-way fold, allows it to be used in literally any environment that has a 90 degree wall join.
Great packaging for shipping and storage

The lamp comes packaged inside an envelope, which also help to keep manufacturing costs low and storage space at a minimum as the lamp can be stacked. Another factor that intrigues me is that nearly any shaped lamp could be formed as it is made entirely from a simple A4 sized sheet of paper. This in turn increases the options available for future designs and ideas, or even possibly a specific shape being made at special request from a consumer.

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