An awesome new image site with an interesting twist

Like most designers, I find myself sitting (or standing) in front of a monitor for most of my day.  When I'm not painstakingly editing a piece of work, I'm usually searching out stock images.  The uses of stock shots range from blog posts, mockups, final designs, and of course, inspiration.  I've recently come across a new site which posts some amazing ultra high-quality images.  These are not only free, but come with the CC0 (un)license.  Check out Unsplash for yourself and see what they have to offer.

I love pretty much everything about this site.  There are no search capabilities and images are only released ever ten days.  This may seem like a hindrance but I enjoy scrolling down through all of the shots, seeing new beautiful images and coming across old favorites.  It adds to the simplicity of the site.  It exudes a "what you see is what you get attitude", and what you get is really quite impressive.

A CC0 license basically allows anyone to publish their work and then let the rest of the world use it for anything.  By anything I mean just that,  works under this license can be used for personal or commercial use any number of times.  If you're spent hours looking for perfect stock photography like I have, then you will know how hugely awesome this is.  So there you have it, a great new resource for stock photographs, no matter what uses you need them for. Check out

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