Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beautiful and Sleek Minimalist Honey Packaging

Today I was inspired by the Onuma Honey Jar. The entire product is very much an organic piece, delivering beautiful aesthetics and simple, functional packaging.

Beautiful minimalist packaging

Lets start with the honey jar itself. It is pocket-sized, sleek, and classy. The lid is made from metal, with a traditional Japanese symbol stamped on with a natural red dye. This adds a nice organic touch to the product and increases its visual properties, making it extremely eye-catching and recognizable. The jar is made from translucent glass, presenting the contents simply and clearly.

Natural and biodegradable paper 

Now on to the packaging. The outer casing is made entirely from natural and biodegradable paper, further promoting the product's organic feel and appearance. Again, natural dyes have been chosen as the printing method of which crisp and self explanatory information and pictures can be easily recognized. This allows one to easily judge from the illustrations the nature of the honey and what type of pollen it is made from. Reds, dark purples, and greens have been used for each individual product and contrast extremely well with the natural color of the paper. The net of the packaging is then assembled via a simple strip of adhesive tape. A nice minimal touch indeed.

Decorative hand-stamped designs

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