Monday, May 26, 2014

Design and Manufacture within China

Hi there, we are Mindsparkz- a multinational team of highly motivated, creative and demanding artists. Weather it’s creating a flyer for print publishing, an engineered product for industrial design or even a company website, we love to work one-on-one with our clients to create amazing projects. Based in Hong Kong our team is able to pull inspiration from a wealth of Eastern and Western styles while using local facilities to keep production costs as low as possible.

A creative and energetic group of graphic, web, and industrial designers have joined together to form a collaberative team the likes of which have not been seen since Voltron. How do we design? By walking into an office that breeds creativity, putting our heads together, and coming up with the best solution possible for our clients.

With over thirty years of combined experience, our staff has been involved in projects across the board. We have extensive knowledge of graphics design and are able to draw new ideas and concepts from our Asian environment. Our location has also allowed our industrial designers to work extremely close with factories inside of mainland China.
  • ·         Print/Publishing

We are able to produce a wide range of print and publishing products such as flyers for your next event, business cards for your next conference or meeting, menu’s for your new recipe’s and even company leaflets. We can do it all.
  • ·         Product/industrial Design

Ranging from CAD files to product engineering, our team of industrial designers are able to assist with your product design and produce innovative,creative and amazing ideas.
  • ·         Web/User Interface Design

Enticing customers and visitors via your personal website is a vital factor in able to be succesful, which is why we take pride in creating proffessional and appealing web design.
  • ·         Company Branding

Brand identiy is key in order to have an iconic and memerable company name/image. One way to do this is by creating the perfect company logo. Our team of designers have experience in producing many client logos and are ready to give you a handful of designs for your company too.

Being situated in mainland China has many advantages for both the client and ourselves. Firstly, we have a broad access to a vast range of factories and supplies who are available to create products and protypes,ready for mass production. Being within a train,bus or a car drive away, we are able to visit the suppliers in person, making orders and projects easier to handle and manage, in effect making sure everything is going smoothly and that standards are kept consistanly as high and possible.
Another service that we provide is product  Quality Control. To produce a final product is something that can be easily achieved, however in order to produce a finalised product that accurately meets the initial specification,is fully functional and safe, and meets high quality standards can become technical. Luckily our team have much experience with product quality control and project management and are always working to produce items with the highest possible standards that will satisfy the customer.

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