Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to make a personalised Meme on Photoshop

There are many sites out there that let you create Memes online but most of them only allow you to use the standard pictures or upload your personal photos to their site. Making Memes about your friends or colleagues can be really funny and it is really simple to do a personalised one on Photoshop

Step 1
Find a funny picture of a friend. You may have to take a subtle one when they are not looking or you can easily (I'm sure) find a photo on their Facebook profile. I chose one here of my colleague wearing his sisters birthday sash. 

Step 2
Choose a funny line or two that could be used for the photo. It could be something that your friend often says or it could be a personal joke between you both. Alternatively it could just be mimicking something funny they are doing in the photo (I have chosen this option in this case) 

Step 3
Open the image in Photoshop. Use the text tool on the left hand side and then click where would you would like to put the text. You will need to make the text large (the font size will change depending on the picture size) It is best to have one line at the top and one at the bottom. You may need to add some space above the head for text. Use the font Impact to get your Meme looking at its best. Press the tick button when you are finished

Step 4
To give the text a border you will now need to double click on the layer under the ‘layers’ section. This will bring up an option menu. Go to the stroke section and under structure adjust the size. For larger images you will need to make a larger stroke but for this image I chose 5 pixels as it gives the text a nice border

Step 5
Crop your picture accordingly and then save your masterpiece! 

Tutorial written by Alice Parlett. 

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