Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Unique Baby Bottle

When it comes to children’s products, safety is a key factor that must be taken into account and numerous product design features must be carefully considered to provide an item that is fully functional whilst maintaining a safe and child-friendly character.

There are many products on the market these days with a purpose to provide the user/child with “ease-of-use” and form of assistance to their daily lifestyle. This could include walking apparatus, eating equipment, toiletry items and educational products. Most of the items we see succeed well in their primary intention, which is to assist and provide an “easy-to-use” experience, however many of the products fall not only in the choices of material used but in terms of size, meaning a higher consumption of raw materials needed to make the product when not needed, impacting the environment, and technically unsafe for the child. It all adds up, and safety is a must.

Today I came across the Ba Baby Bottle Holder- a smart contraption, aimed at children aged 0-3, with a sleek and abstract aesthetic.  

When you first see the Ba Baby Bottle Holder, your initial thoughts revolve around the product’s visual elements. The bottle holder has a strikingly distinct design when first sighted, with a spherical body containing multiple symmetrical cut-outs, creating a sort of distorted honey-comb aesthetic. Whilst creating a eye-pleasing visual, the multiple cut-outs provide the user/child with a form of handling assistance as the bottle holder can be “grabbed” from all angles due to the variety of handles within the frame of the body. In effect, this encourages to child to use the product him/herself, rather than the parent needing to feed them. Furthermore, this promotes early self-teaching. Not only does this offer the child ease of use and user friendly design, the product uses a vast reduction of material use, making it more environmentally friendly and helping to fall within the eco-friendly category.

The product is made entirely from food-safe silicone, making the products extremely easily to clean which is a vital factor for a child’s product in terms of safety and hygiene. Another positive factor about the use of silicone is that the material has a very soft and friendly feel when touched, creating a pleasant experience for the user as sharp edges and corners are non- existent- only smooth curves and rounded edges. The natural texture of silicone has a rubbery surface, which when touched, forms a frictional feel. This provides the child with a further handling support as the rubbery feel provides a grip. This texture is maintained even when in contact with water, so spillages/leaks and dribbles will not affect the handling experience. Another great thing about the Ba Baby Bottle Holder is that it can accommodate the majority of bottles due to its ergonomic fitting shape. Even if bottles are too big, the silicone can stretch slightly to fit. 

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