Sunday, May 11, 2014

Using Infographics to display culture differences

One thing about working in china is the cultural difference. Living in china is extremely different from living in Europe, and most of that difference is influenced by the people and the culture that surrounds peoples ways of doing things.

I came across a really interesting graphic designer, Yang Liu. A Chinese girl who now lives in Germany. She has done some graphic pieces about the culture differences between China and Germany, which seem to be relevant to most of European culture in my eyes.  Although these pieces are somewhat comical, an underlying truthness is present about the way that Chinese society differs from the west.

 Yang Liu has captured the culture differences so powerfully through her images, with a strong blue vs red colour scheme. Her use of infographics is very simple - using very simple 'stick man' figures, but it really gets the message accross well

Dealing with problems

Independant VS Dependant

Cure for a stomach ache

Noise in a restaurant


The Boss

Capturing memories

We also compiled our own list of culture differences between England and China, Read it here!

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