Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Amazing, indestructible chair!

This week myself and a work colleague visited the Canton Trade Fair in Guangzhou, the largest trade fair in the world. The fair is situated within a large complex of modern buildings/halls and comprises segregated areas, designed specifically for alternative product and market types, containing masses of personal stalls and stands promoting each individual company.

It's massive, and at times can be overwhelming when trying to search for your product or supplier. Which is why when spotting unique and interesting products that make you go "wow", you know you have found a gem!

During my trip, I noticed a rather amazing chair. The product was transparent, made from plastic, had 4 legs, a seating function and a back rest. You are probably thinking, "yes, so what?", "that sounds like an average day-to-day chair", "what's so interesting about that?". I, too, thought the same questions when seeing the product for the first time..until the company salesmen flipped the chair upside down, grabbed my shoulder and raised himself up onto the chair and began to vigorously jump, forcing pressure upon chair's structure/frame.

After witnessing the mini demonstration, I was in awe over how strong, rigid and flexible the chair was and how it maintained its physical properties throughout the time of applied stresses. The demonstrator then went on to tell me that the chair had previously been driven over by a 10 ton construction machine, and STILL kept it's shape without breaking. The chair is indestructible, literally.

What makes this chair so strong and defensive, comes down to the simple choice of its material and body structure. The chair is made from injection molded poly carbonate, created from a single mold. The chair has been hollowed out, making it lightweight and easy to transport. Combining with its super-strength characteristics, this creates the perfect strength-weight ratio for a furniture piece.

This proves that you do not need an expensive and heavy material, such as metal ,to produce a chair with high strength, but by selecting an alternative material such as plastic to create the exact same intentions.

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