Friday, December 19, 2014

Graphic Challenge

Throughout the world graphic designers are making millions by creating amazing, spectacular pieces of computer art. Having a graphics team at Mindsparkz we fully understand the challenges and the efficiency of this, but it recent times hugely complicated 'so much to look at' graphic art has been surpassed by simple Chinese graphics. WHY?

Chinese graphics are increasing in popularity and it's easy to see why. Their simple design that both feeds the eye but is gentle enough to not strain them is something to be marvelled at. Older styles are very reminiscent of the 20th century however aren't old and tired, but still refreshing and fun.

Compared to western design they have very little colours, perhaps just two or three and portray a quiet, non-intrusive vibe.

They are becoming so popular but remaining subtle that you probably have one less than 10 meters from you right now.

For instance in the highly competitive drinks market, designing the graphics for bottle print (for coca-cola) is a huge competition how ever instead of loud arrogant western graphics, coca-cola several times has chosen Chinese graphics. 

See what we mean now? It's so simple yet you want to pick up the bottle, twirl it and follow the lines. No matter how much you look at it, it's not boring, stressful to look at or obnoxious.

The Chinese use this style for a lot of things. In fact they still use this style even on modern movie posters. Why fix something that's not broken, Right?

So for any of you graphic designers or in fact designers in general, if you're struggling to design graphic material, look east. There is a lot of inspiration over here and we are more than happy to share it. Check out our blogs on Mindsparkz for more inspiration! 

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