Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Design Process

Here at Mindsparkz we always get asked what is the process of designing a product. You may even be thinking that now. So for the next few blog posts we'd like to show you some of our processes to creating a final product that the world will buy.

The Shipping Container Samples

At Mindsparkz we begin by sketching our ideas. No matter how unrefined we throw them all at a brainstorming board or sketching session. At this stage all ideas are good ideas. We then take the most viable options and further develop.

This maybe be by further sketching the product, working out sizes and positions..... but most importantly it's about prototyping and sampling. Once we have a rough idea and some good drawings, a prototype or sample is the next step. 
 For instance we recently made a Flat pack to 3D shipping container. We prototyped to life out of this project, creating it in balsa wood, EVA foam board and more trying to get the correct product for the market, paying attention to the small detail which make the product as true to the actual item as it can be.

Sampling is also highly important because it means you get to see your product in real life for the first time, although sometimes you don't necessarily get what your hoping for.

(The products seen are complete and available. Fully customizable to your needs.
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(All images here are of Mindsparkz ROUGH samples. Designs are copyright)

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