Sunday, June 5, 2016

K1 Stationary Kit for Adults

During the Cold War children of Soviet Union did not yet know what Lego was, but all of them knew about the Konstruktor - 1. For our non - Russian readers, with this toy you could make almost anything you want using this kit.

Plan-S23, a design studio from St. Petersburg, was inspired by this beloved Konstruktor -1  to create this K1 Stationary Kit. It is not only decorative item for your home, but also it can serve as a stand for office supplies.

In the designers' own words: Every kit part has it's own unique function and colaborate with each other. For instance a little casket box could transform into phone stand. All kit parts are fitting together, so anyone can build their own stationary system and than modify and playing with it.

Although this product is based on a childhood toy, it's main market will be those of adults who want to be creative in their desk organisation. With this item, your imagination is the limit. Just like Konstruktor - 1  in the past, using these parts you can design your K1 Stationary Kit into any design that fits your wim. 

In addition, all items for K1 Stationary Kit are made from organic materials - maple, white marble and copper. Having this design on your desk is certain to attract everyones' eyes as it is a really cool and unique product.  

We love these kind of unique and artistic products, if you do too, please check out Behance to find out more.

What do you think of the K1 Stationary Kit? Share your opinion with us below.

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