Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Cultivation of Ideas

Design isn't always about creating new products, but it is all about sprouting fresh ideas and this can lead to some simple yet innovative perfections of an item that you didn't think it needed.

Lets take a sieve as an example: created for the use of removing the lumps in flour and other powders so that mixtures are smooth without air pockets, and one of little problems with them is the flour that gets stuck in the holes as you sieve leading to the classic bashing of the sieve with your free hand.

Developed by Equals Design for the Joseph Joseph Kitchenware brand, this small addition to the sieve doesn't re-invent the product, but perfects it by one more step by removing the hassle as well as allowing multitasking that couldn't be done before, such as whisking or folding as you sieve.

The greatest achievement is the eye of the observer, to develop an understanding and advance upon that which has already been built. Evolution of fundamentals is just as important as the creation of new one.

"By spending time with Joseph Joseph, retailers and consumers, we built a clearer picture of the brand, its positioning and existing product range. We reviewed Joseph Joseph and competitor products to learn how they were performing – helping us to understand people’s attitudes and usage of a range of everyday kitchen utensils." - Equals Design

We're loving the design of the new and improved self-tapping sieve, kudos to Equals Design. Mindsparkz has innovation in mind as we create, so if you want to construct new and unique products  like this one, why not send us an email at

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