Monday, June 20, 2016

Kartoni - Cardboard Foosball Table

With the EUFA Euros kicking off with some awesome games so far, it seems fitting to show you all this fully functioning cardboard foosball table, to get you all into that football spirit for the Euro tournament a little more. 

Kartoni is a full size professional foosball table, its light weight and mobile, budget friendly and constructed from 100% renewable raw materials. Only the game bars and ball are made of wood; the rest is made from sturdy cardboard. The table football set is delivered in a convenient cardboard box. The table can be put together without the need of glue, screws or tools in next to no time. It's also incredibly robust as it uses double corrugated cardboard and is made mainly from recycled paper.  

The Kartoni is perfect for all occasions, parties, offices, parks etc. As the table is so light weight and mobile, there is no reason why you cant take it everywhere for the ultimate foosball experience amongst your friends and family. 

The table actually come with some pretty awesome features. The legs of the table are adjustable, so both adults and children can enjoy the game. Plus four integrated drinks holders to ensure that nobody gets thirsty mid game. There's even a high quality speaker built in to it for your smart phones or MP3 players. Kartoni really have thought of everything for this foosball table.

One of the cool perks about the foosball table being constructed from cardboard is that it is fully customisable. Feel free to use paints, crayons, pens or pretty much whatever you can find to add your own personal touch to your table and let your creative side flow.

Head on over to their website for your very own cardboard foosball table and celebrate this years EUFA Euro tournament in style.
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