Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Jean Hanger: The new way to care for your jeans

Jeans have been around for over 100 years and yet there is no good way to hang or dry them. Yes, isn't that crazy? Folding your jeans causes wrinkles and creases. Drying your jeans in a clothes dryer not only shrinks your jeans but damages the denim over time. Using drying racks to dry your jeans is way too time consuming. Standard clip pant hangers take too much time to use, don't work properly, break easily and they can damage your jeans.

Introducing the simple wooden hanger that will simply solve your previous issues and complications with hanging your jeans. Steven Sal Debus is a Canadian designer that may have created the perfect jeans accessory for your wardrobe. 

The Jean Hanger is easy to use, there are no fiddly and weak clips like the ones on many cheap hangers produced today as it is made from one solid piece of fine wood. Your jeans are hung vertically thus evading creases and wrinkles that are commonly caused from folding. The sturdy wood jeans hanger will fit all jeans or pants with standard belt loops; from 22 inch waist to 44 inches.

The hanger prototypes were designed and built over the course of a year at the Makerlab in Vancouver, BC. Getting the design right was one of the main priorities of Steven Sal Debus as he wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect. Due to the solid construction and lack of moving parts, this hanger really is a cut above the rest, with maximum durability that will be sure to last a lifetime. 

If you would love to have some ingenious hangers click on this link to order your very own Jean Hangers today. 
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