Wednesday, June 22, 2016

LiliLite: the ultimate bedside lamp for readers

Introducing the ultimate, multi functioning reading gadget for your bed. The Lililite is a one of a kind bookshelf with an integrated light and bookmark all in one. Created by lovers of books for lovers of books.

The LiliLite has a built in sensor, when you pull your book out from the wooden peak it will automatically turn the lamp on. It easily illuminates your book from the perfect angle for the optimal bedtime reading experience. Once you are finished reading, simply put the book back on peak and it doubles as a handy bookmark. The sensor will now automatically switch the lamp off. 

Dutch designer Thijs Smeets and his book loving girlfriend Liedewij invented the shelf lamp together. She was always adjusting the bed lamp to try and get the perfect lighting and had piles of books on her nightstand, overflowing onto the floor. Together they came up with the ultimate product for reading.

The LiliLite has a simple, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing design. It has a timeless design that was created to fit any and every interior regardless of the size of the room, colour scheme and bed size. Perfect for your room or your children. Also features a symmetrical mirrored option for double beds.

If your as much of a fan of the LiliLite as us then why not head on over to their website to have your very own reading shelf. 
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