Friday, June 24, 2016

Sunscreenr - Is your skin protected?

The Sunscreenr is a viewer that shows you suncream coverage and protection. Its waterproof, durable, ultra portable and simple to use. 

How to use the Sunscreenr. After applying your suncream, simply look through Sunscreenr to see dark areas that are covered with suncream. Any light areas that you can see are not properly covered, so add more suncream where needed until fully protected. 

Sunscreenr have created a product that protects yourself and your loved ones with cutting edge technology. Unfortunately there are over 1 million cases of skin cancer a year in the US. Most people unknowingly apply only 25% to 50% of the suncream they should. That's where the Sunscreenr comes in to lend a helping hand.

Sunscreenr is a special viewer that changes the way you protect yourself from sun damage. They have taken high quality technology used by scientists and made it easy to see where your skin is covered by suncream and where it's not. The more suncream that's present (SPF 15 of higher), the darker your skin will look. It will specifically show you where you've missed a spot when applying suncream and where suncream has worn off your skin after sweating, swimming, or towelling off. 

If you love the Sunscreenr as much us then why not head on over to their website today to pick up one of your very own. It's a must have product for this summer.
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