Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sharp Fold - Origami Sharpener

The Sharp Fold is an innovative, light weight pencil sharpener that was inspired by traditional Japanese origami, the art of paper folding. Arun Babu from India has dedicated an entire project to creating a simple yet very effective pencil sharpener that easily fulfils it's function, is aesthetically pleasing, and also saves space for convenience and safe transport. 

Not only does the eco friendly Sharp Fold perform well at sharpening your creative tools but it does it in a safe and effortless manner. The razor blade is held securely within high quality polypropylene and doesn't pose any threats of coming loose or breaking away from the body of the product. 

Once the Sharp Fold is folded into position it stays locked in place and allows you to sharpen your pencils with ease. There are many reasons why we love Aruns child safe Sharp Fold so much. To see more outstanding design work and future creations by Arun, visit his Behance page here.

Here at Mindsparkz we are constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry, so if you want to construct unique and ingenious products, why not send us an email at or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations. Simplicity and functionality combined in to one elegant and stunning invention.

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