Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rhei - The Liquid Clock

Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display, and the result of a year long passion project, created by Damjan Stankovic, executed in collaboration with Marko Pavlovic.

Here at Mindsparkz we are all about creativity, passion and innovation. It's clear to see that that Damjan, Marko and the other contributors also share the same ideologies as us, There dedication and commitment to this project is incredibly admirable. They have managed to make a complex and technical clock look simple and elegant.  

What is a liquid clock though and how does it work? 
Rhei is a liquid based clock. It keeps the time perfectly and visibly ticks away the minutes and hours, but instead of using printed digits or LED lights to display the time, the Rhei prototype magnetically manipulates ferrofluid into numerical digits. Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid that was first discovered by NASA in the 1960's.

"Never before has a liquid substance been unveiled in its pure, unrefined form and controlled in a manner which allows it to display tangible shapes. Time as a concept is highly subjective, but there are two things we can claim about it with certainty: time is unrelenting transience and continuous movement. It is precisely this endless rhythmic flow that Rhei captures, and just as every moment differs from the other, the movement of its digits is differently animated each time, never permitting it to exhibit the same shape twice. Rhei is a dynamic installation, an animated sculpture, an idea expressed in the form of a minimalistic, digital clock.
Time flows. Literally."

Mindsparkz are excited to see how the Rhei prototype progresses in the future. We always have creativity and functionality in our minds as we create, so if you want to construct unique and innovative products, why not send us an email at info@mindsparkz.com

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