Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stackable Speakers - The more you stack, the louder it gets

This innovative speaker requires physical interaction to control the volume, the 'Stack' speaker needs tactical contact, eliminating the needs for buttons and switches. The designer of the stackable speakers Rowan Jackman was motivated to create an unconventional speaker that doesn't need traditional buttons and switches. 

The speakers have integrated force sensor resistors, as the user starts to stack the weighted forms the speaker turns on, and as you stack each additional piece the volume also increases. The weights have been casted in identical mass to insure a consistent volume increase. The cohesive form of the pieces are visual representations of audible sound getting louder when they are stacked, and the opposite when pieces are removed.    

The speakers have been delicately created with a laser cut piece of white ash wood that allows for great quality sound. 

"Stack encourages a real interaction and a hugely visual and tactile system of control. Playfulness and an emotion of surprise is achieved which sets Stack apart from the other options."

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