Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Innovative Camping Cup

This Upright Cupright camping cup was created by Wang Jiaxin and has been designed in such a way that it can stand on any outdoor terrain when full. When the cup is placed on any soft or uneven surface, the ball bearings inside will roll across the base of the cup to provide a relatively flat and stable surface.


Camping is an outdoor activity of recreation but the ground is usually uneven at the camping sites, thats why there is a great need for a camping cup that can stand on pretty much any outdoor terrain. Wang Jiaxin has designed such a cup that has been created to self adjust to its environment, enabling the cup to stay vertical without having to adjust it constantly.

The solution for this camping inconvenience is provided by the distribution of the mini ball bearings at the base of the cup. When the cup is placed on an uneven or soft surface, the ball bearings will naturally redistribute across the base of the cup to provide a relatively flat and stable surface. This simple but ingenious product is a must have gadget for your camping trips, making things that much easier in life.

This Upright Cupright is a really creative and unique conceptual product, it even got an honourable mention from Red Dot
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