Thursday, May 15, 2014

Get a skylight in your office; whatever floor you're on!

So I gather we're all familiar with how our environment can effect our work output and it is often said that natural light is the best light to brighten up a room.
Philips has taken this idea and posed the question, can we create 'natural' light?

Introducing the Philips OneSpace natural light emitting panel. A cheap, easily manufactured panel that can be fit to sizes up to 10x3m. It proves to be a real window into the future of dark spaces like subway carriages, basements, tunnels, hospitals and prisons.


So I expect you're all wondering
The light is transmmitted via white LEDs, incredibly cheap to manufacture. The light then light passes through a series of layers of plastic, separated by titanium oxide nanoparticles, which when excited mimic the characteristics of natural sunlight.


This may be the next in line as more and more fluorescent tubing is being phased out.

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