Sunday, June 26, 2016

Braille Cube - The Rubix Cube for the blind

The concept of this Rubix cube is an attempt to adjust the timeless puzzle toy to the needs of a blind person. It allows them to physically feel the colours. The most interesting aspect of this concept is to recognise that it's just as difficult to solve for somebody that can see as it is as difficult for a blind person to solve a regular Rubix cube. 

The original Rubix Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubix. The Cube was released as a puzzle toy in 1980. As of 2009, over 350 million cubes have been sold worldwide, making it the top selling puzzle game and is considered the world's best selling toy.  

This puzzle cube was created by freelance designer Konstantin Datz of Berlin, Germany. Due to the success of the original Rubix Cube and how much pleasure can be had whilst solving the toy, It just seems fair to have an equivalent puzzle for blind people. Konstantin has managed to create a functioning rubix cube of simplicity and joy. To see more work by Konstantin, visit his website via this link.     

This Cube would make a really thoughtful gift, If you would love to get your hands on one of these puzzle cubes click on this link to order your very own. 
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