Monday, June 27, 2016

Rambler Socket - The recoiling wall socket

Designer Meysam Movahedi has created a concept of the extension cord that you're looking for, It's the 1.5 meters long cord that unravels from a hidden cavity behind it's socket. When you need the extension, simply pinch the sides and wind it out.  

Once you are finished with using the extension, the socket has a built in recoiling system, gently give the cord a little tug to activate the spring mechanism, and it will recoil back into place. It's perfect for using with electronics like, vacuum cleaners, hair driers etc any item where you don't need an extension cord on a permanent basis. 

Here at Mindsparkz we are constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry like Meysam Movahedi has with his Rambler Socketso if you want to construct unique and ingenious products, why not send us an email at or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations. 

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