Monday, June 13, 2016

FieldCandy's Ultimate Sunshader

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons in the year and its just around the corner. The ice cold drinks, outings with friends and family at the park or beach. It's great, but all that hot fun in the sun can be exhausting and even damaging if exposed to sun rays for too long. Having a relaxing cool down under shade is essential, that's where the FieldCandy's Sunshade comes in handy.

FieldCandy have recently launched a range of brand new designer tents called Sunshades. They are very light weight and drenched in colourful patterns, these simplistic goods will be perfect for a day at the beach or a lazy afternoon at the park.

To launch the new range, designers Daniel Ting Chong and Si Maclennan from Cape Town, South Africa designed an exclusive range of patterns, to be printed on the flysheets. The patterns had to be bright, energetic and reflect the cheerful aesthetic of the FieldCandy brand.

SunShades offer the perfect way to relax on the beach, park or garden on sunny days whilst protecting you from the sun. They can be repositioned in three different ways to follow the sun as it rises and sets, so there’s no need to keep moving around! 

Rest easy in the sun as these sunshades offer UPF50+ protection blocking out 99.7% of UV radiation. The unique designs will help you stand out from the beach crowd with colour and creativity. Don’t worry about the brilliant design fading as the fabric is UV fade resistant.

Mindsparkz are ready for summer and are loving the creative and practical Sunshades. We always have creativity and functionality in our minds as we create, so if you want to construct unique and innovative products similar to this one, why not send us an email at

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