Sunday, June 12, 2016

Innovative Kinetic Power Bank

You could be out and about or on your travels when you realise before that important phone call that you're low on power with no means of charging it any time soon, it happens to all of us at some point and can cause quite a few problems. 

Those powerless troubles could be left in the past with the simple but effective Voltmaker charger. The Voltmaker is a compact kinetic power bank with 2000 mAh capacity. With a few flicks of the wrist, you can generate your own energy to recharge your portable devices. 
The thrust of the hand is enough to activate the internal generator. This fun, effortless and single-handed movement, inspired by the ratchet device can recharge all your portable devices: your smartphone, your MP3 player, your camera, your camcorder, your GPS device, etc. 

The Voltmaker’s body holds a spring-loaded mechanism at the top of the tube which generates energy as it spins. It is possible to fully charge the Voltmaker through kinetic energy alone, however it would require around 2 to 3 hours of manic jazz hand action. The developers recommend using the device as a backup rechargeable power source.

Here at Mindsparkz we love the eco friendly design of the VoltmakerMindsparkz always has innovation and practicality in mind as we create, so if you want to construct inventive and unique products similar to this one, why not send us an email at

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